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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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oh, my, we have reached peak racial demagoguery. hill apologized to espn not long ago for tweeting that president trump is a white supremacist and a bigot. the white house says hill should be fired. >> what will happen tonight before the chicago bears take on the green bay packers? you'll be able to see for yourself, starting at 8:00 right here on wusa9. this is one of the fiercest nfl rivalries on the field, but the spotlight has shifted to the national anthem. many took a kneel after president trump said players who kneel during the anthem should be fired. tonight's game is in green bay. the packers say they will stand, and link arms during the national anthem, and lock arms during a show of unity, and they're asking their fans to do the same thing. >> this is about equality. this is about unity, and love, and growing together as a society. >> the packers have asked the fans to lock arms in a show
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how do you feel about that? >> i think it's great. >> what would you like to tell the rest of the country? just become one. we're all one. if the bears and packers can get along, everyone can. >> the president once again suggested that nfl ratings are down, because players are kneeling. according to the nfl, overall ratings last week were 3% higher than the same week last season. one of the many local restaurants that will be showing the game tonight is hamilton's bar and grill. it's the official packers bar and restaurant. pete monteen is there. >> reporter: we'll have to wait and see here, bruce. i just talked to one of the organizers. they try to keep politics out of of it, even though fans are on an edict of their own. aaron rodgers tweeted out that fans should lock arms during the
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players did, during the sunday game against the bangals. rodgers said this isn't a protest, per se, it's about doing what is right. organizers say they try to keep politics out of this tonight. she's just waiting to see what folks do here. it's a pretty passionate group. we're going to have to wait and see. i couldn't get any of them to talk to me on camera before coming here. so we're going to find out. >> i'm sitting here thinking, wisconsin went for trump during the election. roadside chat about the anthem protest is going viral tonight. that is seattle seahawks star michael bennett. he's talking to a group of veterans there, outside the team's practice facility. a woman who lives next door saw this conversation and she became very emotional. it's now taken off on social
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media, and alicia hawn has the story. >> reporter: even shares a driveway with the seahawks. tuesday, she was a block from her home, when she saw what looked like a car accident. >> there was a couple of cars pulled off. one was on the side of the road. one was in the middle of the road. >> reporter: move in closer, snapping these photos, she realized it was michael bennett. >> it really, literally made me cry. i just was not expecting that. it just hit me, i don't know if it just felt like maybe a glimmer of hope. >> reporter: bennett has been an outspoken proponent of the black lives matter movement, who has been sitting at national anthems during games. with relatives who are police officers, dana admits, she's been torn over the protests. she never thought she'd get a chance to
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the issue face-to-face. >> then michael came over, and i didn't know what i was going to say. i just opened my mouth, and what came out was, you know, from my heart. it was just literally, i don't know what to do. i have, i don't want to disrespect my country. i don't want to disrespect the flag. i don't want to disrespect my family, my husband. i was willing to listen, and he spoke. i appreciate that. and he listened to me too. i don't know the answer, but i do know that at least for me i felt like i was being heard, and i think he felt like he was being heard, and i think that's where it starts. >> dana posted her story and the photos on facebook. it's been liked or shared 10's of thousands of times. the seahawks say they have yet to decide what they
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during the national anthem this sunday. the team stayed in the locker room during the anthem last week. a u.s. senator claims that while nfl players protested during the national anthem last week, russians were flooding social media with two opposing positions, spreading both the hashtag boycott the nfl, and the hashtag take a knee. >> they were taking both sides of the argument this past weekend, and pushing them out from their troll farms as much as they could to try to just raise the noise level in america. >> twitter executives told senate investigators, it's taken action against 200 russian linked accounts. last night, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg said his company will do its part against nation states attempting to subvert elections. police returned to capitol hill today to cheers and a standing ovation. it's en
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since the louisiana republican was shot in alexandria during a practice for the annual democrat/republican charity baseball game. >> reporter: a packed house chamber enthusiastically welcomed back louisiana congressman steve scalise. >> you have no idea how great this feels to be back here at work in the people's house. >> reporter: scalise has been out of sight, recovering from his wounds after a republican opened fire at a baseball practice. >> when i was laying down in that ball field, the first thing i did, was i started to pray. >> reporter: scalise said he prayed for the two police officers who helped take down the shooter. officer david bailey was in the chamber today. >> david, you are my hero, you saved my life. thank you so much. >> reporter: scalise said the last three
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challenging, but the outpouring of support from complete strangers, world leaders, and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have helped give him strength. scalise was hit in the hip. he talked with noria o'donnell from 60 minutes about the doctors who saved his life. >> they put you back together again. >> they put me back together again. >> reporter: the 51-year-old also thanked them, and many others. >> while some people might focus on a tragic event, and an evil act. to me, all i remember are the thousands of acts of kindness, and love, and warmth that came out of this. >> reporter: scalise is walking with crutches, and will still need physical therapy at least three days a week. cbs news, capitol hill. >> it is good to see him back. democrats have given scalise the trophy they wanted at this year's charity game, but only until he returned to congress. now that the republican is back, democrats plan
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that trophy. it is a serious baseball rivalry. about to go from august to october. topper is out on the terrace. >> the real cool air is lagging behind. 71 at 7:00 around first pitch. and 65 by 9:00, under clear skies. the winds will die down tonight. we'll come back, and talk about a front going through. that's going to effect high school football, and we'll talk about things you can do during this dry weather. might be surprised how beneficial it could be to you. up next, already low on power, water, and gas, people in puerto rico are now running out of money.
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an island already short of food, water, and gas, people in puerto rico are now running out of cash. the aftermath of hurricane maria has almost shut down the nation's economy. long lines are forming at scattered at m's that are working. the same is true for gas stations. >> this is our third day getting gas. it's just that with the tanks, they just hold so very little. >> more than 3,000 shipping containers full of supplies are still sitting in the port of san juan. there are not enough trucks or drivers to deliver those supplies. undees
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president trump did waive restrictions on foreign ships to allow them to deliver supplies into appreciating. more u.s. service members, are arriving by air and sea. health and human services secretary tom price promises to fly commercial from now on. that announcement followed after price had taken charter flights that cost $400,000 since may. taxpayer dollars. he said he will write a personal check to the government to cover the cost of those flights. on wednesday, the president said he was not happy about price using charter flights. big game up north. we have the bears at lambeau field, and the game is right here on channel 9. temperatures in the 60s that's pretty nice. last sunday at lambeau field, temperatures were
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that was the hottest game ever played at
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in prince george's county, a former elementary school aide, and volunteer was sentenced to 100 years in prison today. deonte carraway pleaded guilty to 23 counts of child sexual abuse. one charge for every child he abused. prosecutors say he abused over a quarter of the children at the elementary school he worked. carraway was already serving time. 75 years in federal court for related crimes. all right, dramatic video shows a confrontation between two men in prince george's county. the two men knocked stuff off the counter, and employees rushed and took him down to the ground. this happened early last month, but we just saw the video online this week. the store owner says employees were right. they did the right thing. but others say they took things too far. >> i'm just hoping the outcome is the truth. i'm only seeking
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i want people to know how this particular place handles the situation. late this afternoon, the state's attorney's office says they are planning to drop charges against the customer. the store owner is now facing assault charges, and community members are planning to rally and speak out against the store tomorrow night at 6:00, at largo town center. new push to keep teenagers off the train tracks. this after several fatalities over the past few years. in fairfax county, a13-year-old girl was hit and killed while walking on tracks in clifton, virginia, back in june. leaders point to new safety media trends, which lead some teenagers to take selfies near train tracks. parents are asked to warn their children about the deadly risk of walking on tracks. >> i have seen kids walking the track. i know they think they can get off quickly, but they can't, and it's a very dangerous little thing they're playing. i hope that they will think twice about it. >> they should
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walking on train tracks is also illegal, and people trespass could be charged. actress julia luis dreyfus announced she has best cancer today. she says quote, let's fight all cancer, and make universal healthcare a reality. people magazine is reporting she learned about the cancer a day after making history at the emmy's. earlier this month, she won her sixth consecutive emmy for her role in hbo's veep. it's the most wins for any actor or actress for one character. on our facebook page, there is nothing but love for julia. bernadette says she is a fighter, and she will overcome this. and jenny says all the best. it helps to know there are many survivers. i'm one. okay, this is what it's supposed to feel like. >> it is. in fact, it's going
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better tomorrow. 3-degree guarantee. i think we did okay today. kind of a tough call, because the cool air was lagging. we went 81 for a high. we'll add everything up for you tonight after the ballgame. then we're going to go 75 for tomorrow, which is spot on average. live look at nats park. it is still 79. feels like 79. look at the dew points in the 40s. that is fantastic. we're going to see dew points, maybe as low as the 30s friday night. winds will die down, and diminish, become northwest at 10:00 before midnight. open the windows tonight, but not too far, it's going to be kind of chilly. bus stop temps 49 to 68. that's 6:00 a.m., to 9:00 a.m. then really, a fantastic friday. just perfect. highs around 75. perfect for high school football. upper 60s, low 70s for the games. a nice, but chilly weekend with the 40s rolling in here at night. especially north and west of town. all right, we ha
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stretch of dry weather. in fact, we've already had one. no measurable rain since september 15. it looks like another 7 to 10 days. outdoor painting, this is the perfect time to do it. humidity is lower. it dries quicker, and it's not hot. roof work, maybe you've got a big job. you don't have to worry about tarping it, because you have several days to finish it. brick or cement work, same deal. and trimming or pruning, this is the time you want to trim or prune, because it's fall. last but not least, driveway ceiling, it's perfect. not many leaves will get stuck in it, but it will dry quickly because you have low humidity. a nice stretch. 75 tomorrow. 69 on saturday. low 70s on sunday. back to 75 on monday. back to 78 on tuesday. average high
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temps. 70 downtown. everybody else in the 60s. so maybe a light sweater. 64 in manassas. and 67 in buoy. then by morning, we're looking at temps in the 50s. even a sprinkling of 40s. how about that? 49 in cumberland. 51 in gaithersburg. 49, 48 in damascus. then by lunchtime, back in the mid, upper 60s. really sweet day. notice, not much in terms of winds tomorrow. you'll actually feel a little on the almost perfect, in terms of humidity and sunshine. day planner. cool start. upper 50s, even downtown. 67 at 11:00, sunshine, and mostly sunny. 70 at 1:00. cool day will be saturday. a little shot of reinforcement comes in friday night, maybe a sprinkle north. 69 on saturday. only 72. gorgeous on sunday. the next seven days, monday 75. upper 70s tuesday. yes, there are some signs of it tt
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low 80s on wednesday. mid-80s on thursday, and again no showers in side. you've got big news for us. >> shoot yeah. kirk cousins' baby was supposed to come last week monday. so finally, the baby -- >> nobody is happier. >> kirk cousins, he's supposed to have a weekly press conference. he was not there. you can't see
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well this is where kirk cousins was supposed to be after practice. at this podium, speaking to the media. instead, the redskins quarterback had to leave to be a dad. wusa9 sports confirms cousins left immediately after getting word his wife julie was in labor with their first child. cousins and his wife are at the hospital, expecting a baby boy. we had a chance to speak to cousins last week about what he thinks life will be like as a new dad. >> my wife is going to be a champ. she's going to handle so much of the responsibility, i think to take pressure off of me. hopefully i can still get some good sleep and get the necessary work in. phillip rivers has eight kids. if he can do it with eight, i think i can do it with one. eight kids, that's a lot. we told you yesterday, about how they surprised a young
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one witness described it as the most amazing act of kindness he has ever seen. >> you were younger. you wanted things, and didn't necessarily have them. now you have the means to make people feel good about themselves. >> it was a quick, 2 or $300 to make somebody, make a memory that lasts a long time on a kid. well from football to futball. tonight, kicking off the united world cup. it's a place where kids can just be kids and play soccer. joe huet will be the ambassador to help change the perception of street children. >> seeing these children, as children. that's what i
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we change perceptions, and also change laws. >> a lot of just good acts of kindness going on this week. >> phillip rivers is in his 30s. 8 kids? must be some twins in there somewhere. >> we can talk about kamarte. >> you can never just show up at a restaurant. you have a whole tribe. all right, cool today. but even cooler tomorrow. 75, almost picture perfect. a little cool for my taste on saturday. then we're looking at low to mid-70s. don't look now, the 80s will return next week. >> so important, the temperature around. we love fall. cbs news is
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